Hello Terry and Jean.
Just a "how ya doing" and huge thanks for the warm welcome and kindness at Crufts.
Roll on next year.
Bw b
I am tee jay Mollie Moores "step mum"
She is almost eleven now and an absolute joy to have around ,she has a great sense of fun-humour and has got me pretty well trained ! Her little face with so many expressions creases me up at times
I had never seen nor heard of the breed before I met Mollie-if iwas younger I would most certainly have had more than one ,I would have loved to have seen Mollie as a puppy , bless the day I have her now
happy new year to you terry and family
Love your web site improves daily. Well done.

Happy with sherry and Megan. All your dogs and puppies are beautiful


Rowena Steve and family
Hello Jean
You have a very good Homepages,and you are good Breeder :-)

Best regards Jutta

Hello Jean
You have a very good Homepages,and you are good Breeder :-)

Best regards Jutta
Great website Jean & Terry, lovely photos,
Hi there.....it was lovely to be able to speak to you both again at Discover Dogs in November. Miska is now 12 and full of energy....a bundle of mischief...and a lovable little rogue !
Happy New Year to you both too !
Hi jean and terry love you new web page. Many thanks for letting me have teejay snow princes (Megan) and teejay sherry baby. Having fun showing them at campanion dog show as well as at club shows. Thank you for a good week end at the lowchen club week end. We hope that Sidney is a lot better now. These oldie dogs do know how to worry you. Best of luck at wales and hope that you do well.
A great start to your website. Although my 2 lowchens are pets( very much adorded ones) I am proud to say they too are Teejay stock and i couldnt have wished for a better start for them than the one they got from the Mansell home. I am very pleased to say that they still see their birth mum and mates when we visit my very good friends Jean and Terry. Keep up the work on your website look forward to seeing more.