Champion Teejay Terrie's Tart at Rishkhan                                 Champion Teejay Son of Jo Jo

I started off in the early Eighties after buying two pet Chihuahua's, and decided i wanted to show, I went back to the Sombrero Kennels and bought myself a Show quality longcoat Chihuahua.

After a few good years of Exhibiting I stumbled across a Breed of dog i had never seen before, Strong, Sturdy,Scruffy little thing, of which i was most intrigued, after further enquiries about this lively little dog that i had fallen in love with, decided i had to have one.

I had been given a lot of information and advice from a lady at the ringside, and went to see what the fuss was all about firsthand. Funny enough i came away from there with my first Lowchen, a lovely Bitch called Stoneside Limited Edition, Quickly followed by my second, a Dog called Stoneside Dempsey.

Two was not enough,so off i went again, and came back home with Cleeview Wait a While, a black & Silver Bitch.

A short while later, my Husband came home from work to find another addition to the household in Rosslyne's Silver Shadow.

Jannashe Topaz Dragonlord quickly followed. These lovely dogs were the start of the Teejay Lowchens Kennel.

Many years later a very good friend

and matriach, Mrs Anne McDonald asked

if i would take on and look after her 

Beloved Champion Hanovarian Spellmaker 

as she was in failing ill health, and 

to use him as i saw fit, after resisting 

for a while, i gave in and finally did 

the deed.

The result was more than i had hoped for,

They produced my Champion Teejay Romancing 

the Spell, and Canadian/American Champion 

Teejay Spellbounder,Loved by Donna Cullen. 

Champion Hanovarian Spellmaker.